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About Machine Enterprises

For well over a quarter of a century Mechanized Enterprises Inc. has been a trusted contract manufacturer of precision components, assemblies and special machines for major companies throughout the United States and internationally. An ISO 9001:2000 compliant company, we have served many diverse industries including the Aerospace, Automotive (including off-road vehicles), Computers, Electronics, Defense, Energy, Medical, Well Drilling and even the Movie Industry.

With core competencies in CNC Machining, conventional and custom tooling, Prototype Development, in-house programming for CAD/CAM, and expert Engineering Services consultative services, we are equipped in every respect to work with complex designs and materials that are difficult to tool. We are best suited to produce small to mid-sized components and specialized machines. Our R&D department works directly with your engineers to ensure every requirement is met. With a 99.5% accuracy rate, we produce only the highest quality parts. Our strict quality control and ISO 9001:2000 standards and procedures ensure reliability, quality, accuracy and cost effectiveness for each project.

Our physical plant is located in Anaheim, California but we work with companies throughout the United States and around the world, having even built special tooling for countries lacking our technology and then shipping them overseas.

The strength of our long-standing relations with diverse companies across several industries is testament to our commitment to provide our customers with the very best service available. We are an ISO registered supplier and pending AS 9100 Certification.

We are accustomed to working well with companies of all sizes. Contact Mechanized Enterprises through our online form.

For fastest service call (714) 630-5512, Outside CA call (800) 350-5512.

Some of our diverse projects have included:

US Defense Department: We have built satellite components for outer space travel.
Commercial Printing Manufacturer: We built all major components for high volume commercial printing presses of this Co. We also went on-site to help them assemble the presses at their facility.
Lock Manufacturers: We helped to develop and build automated assembly equipment for their production. saving them nearly 30% in production costs and reducing their scrap rate by over 53%.
Automotive Industry: Our R&D Department has worked with major automotive companies to build and de-bug prototypes, successfully guiding the way through mass production. We have helped companies that did not have the technology by building special tooling and then shipping it overseas.
Off-Road Vehicle Manufacturers: We have built prototypes for the off-road market, including snowmobiles, dune buggies, and ATVs.
Soda Dispensing Machine Mfr: Our R&D department worked with this manufacturer from design through prototype and production. Since accuracy of the molds was of critical importance, our high degree of accuracy at 99.5% benefitted this manufacturer greatly. We established a long-lasting relationship which allowed us to anticipate his desires to his satisfaction.
Major Motion Picture Studio: We worked with a leading major motion picture studio and film editor to design and build a film editing machine. We were able to take his ideas, create a design, and produce a machine that fulfilled his specific requirements.

>Experience, quality and cost savings - you will get the same high level of service and satisfaction that has allowed us to build long standing relationships with some very particular customers - including the US Department of Defense.

Contact Mechanized Enterprises through our online form.

For fastest service call (714) 630-5512, Outside CA call (800) 350-5512.

When Precision Requires Decision, Call Mechanized Enterprises

>Mechanized Enterprises is operating in a 12,000 square foot facility located freeway close in Anaheim, adjacent to the 91 freeway, between the 55 & 57 freeways. Full service CNC machine shop and full tooling services. Modern tool room and a separate facility to store our materials per ISO standards. Our state of the art engineering services is very experienced to handle your R & D challenges, emergency repairs and all facets of CNC machining, milling and turning. We routinely route the work through logical work cells in order to "synchronize multiple operations". maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. The result is a lower cost without compromising quality.

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